Essay for LinguaLeo

Date: 30 Sep 2017

I've participated in LinguaLeo contest. The goal is to write a scientific-like 2000-symbol-long article. So, here is it:

P.S. Original one formatted like an article for a journal.

Aspects of the expanding universe


This paper explains why you should not worry about the universe’s future. The author describes modern hypotheses without difficult-to-pronounce technical terms.


Nowadays, scientists have a lot of hypotheses about the future our galaxy (the Milky Way) and far distant ones. They cannot work in the time axis and with millions and billions light-year long space distances. In other words: we have no definite answer. The scientific approach gave us the ability to launch spacecraft, like Cassini, but it is not enough.


Fig. 1. NASA's Cassini spacecraft // NASA

Experimental data and hypotheses

If we accept that physics works the same everywhere, then the spectra of stars’ building blocks should be the same for distant galaxies and for elements on Earth. But in 18681, while William Huggins was measuring the spectra of interstellar nebula he noticed that length of light is different. If the source of waves is moving away from the observer, then each following wave crest is emitted from a position farther than previous2.

Red shift

Fig. 2. Redshift3, Doppler effect // Wikipedia

After survey, astronomers arrive at the conclusion – the universe is expanding. Let’s not talk about hardcore physics, dark matter, and calculations. Nobody gets it. To be short, we know little about it, but consider two radical scenarios.

Big Rip

If the speed of expansion increases, the expanding force will overgrow gravity and other fundamental forces. It is not good; we will disintegrate into atoms, then they will break up too. But this will happen after the events in the Star Wars movies. So, it is okay.

Fig. 3. Heat Death is coming // HBO

Big Crunch

Another variant is… Does it matter? We will die anyway! If the speed is reduced, then the universe will begin to contract. You will not lose any weight, but your size would be less…


In sum, we will die, in any case. All that we can do is eat, laugh, and breed up to the Big Rip or, conversely, Big Crunch. Anyway, we, as mankind, have enough time to wait for the 8th season of Game of Thrones. I guess we have nothing to worry about.


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